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foto tour nick jonas

Foto del Tour Book de Nick Jonas and The Administration

2 nuevas fotos del libro del Tour de Nick Jonas con la letra de Olive and Arrow

- Olive and Arrow

Letra - Olive and Arrow
We've never been into honesty
but promise me you'll let me know
when you're lying
She wants to be an eagle
when she's high she can fly
no matter what she was trying
She'll be the perfect woman
Then she'll change suddenly
you wanna cry from feeling
She's got a heart of gold but
Every now and again she'll turn to grey
and you know she gives me
An Olive then an arrow in the black
She leaves me breathless
then she kicks me while i'm down
she leaves me hoping
that my love won't show
'Cause i know she'll give me
and olive an arrow
She doesn't like to worry
But she's afraid of everything
that's going on around her
I'm just another photo
That made it's way on her page
Somehoe i stayed, but i won't be long...